This is not about baking. I made a thing. Well, I made TWO things. They are gargantuan weavings that I hung over our bed. Initially this was supposed to be made of green poms. When I took that off the loom and attempted to put it on the wall, it looked like a postage stamp:

So sad. Luckily, it looks AMAZING over the guest bed, which is a bit smaller (tis a queen). This new placement made me feel MUCH better about spending a gargantuan amount of time making green poms (they were used after all!).

However, I did not want the same thing over the bed in our room now. There needed to be a different vibe in each room. Poms in TWO rooms?!? Unthinkable.

So, I came up with a plan to hang TWO weavings next to each other. This plan was using two groups of yarn (pictured above) and several drawings that look like they should be connected with red string on a cork board in some conspiracy theorist’s secret lair.

The pink one was finished first, which was probably done in mid-October.

I was SO PUMPED with how it turned out!!! Then my perfectionist brain was afraid to start the other one. I played several games: I’ll finish this when ___ is graded, I’ll finish this after final grades are in, I’ll finish this before the holidays, and I’ll finish this before the next semester begins.

Well, folks… the semester begins tomorrow SO WE HUNG THESE BAD BOYS UP TODAY!

I underestimated how challenging making two mirrored(ish) weavings would be. The pink one was hanging in another room behind closed doors so our cat Champ could not bat it. I had to use the illustrations above and a picture of the pink one (the one from above). Close to the end of the project, I had Jon take a picture of me holding both so I could check.

I was SO pumped to hang these yesterday, but we did not have long enough nails. So they slept in the guest room and waited patiently:

Speaking of waiting patiently, here’s the finished product!!!!!!


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