Snail Mail

Everyone needs Cosmic Brownies in their lives, am I right?

After the red/green theme of the holiday items I sent I was feeling like throwing some rainbow sprinkles into some delish treasures to mail! There were so many reasons to celebrate: I had former students who were student teaching, accepted to law school, and coming back for their first post-holiday classroom teaching experience. Those people needed FUNFETTI SCONES!

My niece had a birthday coming up. I sent her gift directly to her, but also wanted to send some treats. I asked what she wanted and she basically said “no raisins.” I decided to put sprinkles in EVERYTHING since the treats I was sending to Montana were also celebratory. I thought it would be fun to make Cosmic Brownies, since she’s in high school and that’s a lunch box treat. I also thought I’d make Blondies for the first time… with SPRINKLES of course. 🙂

These were the LEAST photogenic, so I added that cute milk jug with a straw to help a Blondie out.

Finally, I sent a small treat to our parents because the Christmas ornaments we purchased arrived well after we mailed their gifts. They said “we miss you SNOW much” and would make less sense next holiday when we see them. Therefore, brownies. 🙂

Real talk: check out how happy these three batters look together:


We are still in Stage 5 in Austin, so I am laying low on the snail-mail baked goods for the time being. I hope to mail some Valentine’s Day items next month (TBH I already bought the supplies, so they are going in the mail at some point). I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how AMAZING the USPS has been this season.

Thank you, USPS!

I sent a billion packages over the holidays, some took like 2 weeks to arrive to their destination. I knew the USPS was hammered, so I wanted to send them a thank you the next time I was at the Post Office.

I ended up getting a dozen Shipley’s donuts. I asked the staff to put each donut in an individual bag instead of a traditional box of 12 so people would feel more comfortable eating them. I hope they enjoyed them and used some sugar to plow through the January returns people inevitably drop off.


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