Party for Two = Leftoverpalooza

So my hubster really wanted nachos last weekend. I was happy to oblige because they are awesome and we never eat them at home. I decided to set up a “nacho bar” since we do not enjoy the same toppings and have different caloric goals. So, we made our own sheet pans of nachos and chowed down!

We had ground beef with onion and taco seasoning, refried beans, and the wheel of amazingness you see above. So. Good. Here’s what our final products looked like:

The bottom right was Jon’s and he was full for like 48 hours.

We had a LOT of leftovers in the wheel. I needed to use that up, so I made a fritatta (the go-to leftover move imo):

I had avocado for the nachos, but once I started assembling that wheel I decided to save it for this frittata brunch instead. However, even after this brunch endeavor, there were many-a-leftovers.

On Monday I decided we would have Mexican Pizzas, my beloved food Taco Bell ripped from my grasp (much like the Enchirito, but don’t get me started). Mondays are meatless, so I seasoned up some Quorn crumbles and made the Mexican pizzas, which used up the leftover refried beans and black beans (I put those in the Quorn). I made a “Mexican rice,” which was literally everything else: remaining black beans, chopped bell pepper, diced tomatoes, cilantro, the enchilada sauce leftover from the Mexican Pizza assembly. I tossed this with cauliflower rice and it was DELISH. My man does not like cauliflower rice that much but has requested this more than once since Monday.

I feel like those two items require a full-size picture because I NAILED the Mexican Pizza aesthetic (though somehow I think it would taste better in those paper trays). I also wanted you to see how amazing the cauliflower rice was. The trick to good cauliflower rice is leaving it alone in the pan until crispy bits form. Then flip over and repeat. Trust me on this.

Somehow, the leftovers still taunt us. I have a leftover bag of taco meat in the freezer (since I could not use it for the Mexican Pizzas on meatless Monday). I’ll be thawing that on Sunday for taco salads and that amazing cauliflower rice.


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