Real Talk and Recipes Attempted

Coffee Shop Inspo

When we were galavanting around town enjoying some delish coffee, I had two delish concoctions that I NEEDED to try at home. I decided to put a NuNaturals spin on this, though honestly both required syrup and I only have NuNaturals syrup, so my tastebuds decided for me. 🙂 Mint Julep- Houndstooth Coffee As much […]

Michigan Food Tour

Every trip to Michigan feels too short. This one DEFINITELY did because we haven’t been there since 2019 (thanks, Covid…). So I didn’t get to see everyone I normally see OR eat all the staples I normally eat, but I did eat some delish food and wanted to share. I’ll make another similar post over […]

Watermelon Collagen Refresher

Hello, Friends! It is HOT right now. And my favorite thing to eat in the summer when I am warm is watermelon. So I decided to make a refresher using NuNaturals Collagen! 🙂 The ingredients are SO simple, this is barely a recipe. The only thing you need to remember to do is freeze some […]

Cold Brew Taste Test (part 2)

How do we like our coffee in Texas summers? ICE COLD! Alright-alright-alright-alright… (I enjoy Outkast as much as iced coffee). Today’s Iced Coffee Adventure was STRAIGHT UP cold brew. No flavor, no milk. But Naturally I had to spruce up the coffee (seen after our vote). We have four contenders: Since these were SO similar […]

Summer Fruit Chutneys

Hello, friends! While I enjoy summer fruits and a good chutney, I have never actually MADE a chutney. That changed last week when I made the most amazing chutneys using recipes I found online (and modding them slightly to incorporate NuNaturals products and save me some calories. White Peach Chutney I modified this recipe by […]

Fast App Friday Returns!

When summer hits I have a simultaneous urge to eat LOTS of produce and LOTS of ice cream. Today, I am going to talk about produce. The fastest app ever is our friend the crudites. If you have veggies and hummus (or ranch or tadziki or any dip you love) then you have this app. […]

Rainbow Cheesecake Bars

Hello, friends! I have made quite a few delights for Pride Month but wanted to make sure I ended the last week pride month with a NuNaturals recipe! This is a modified version of these cheesecake bars. I made them for Jon’s birthday and he enjoyed them immensely. I replaced the sugar with NuNaturals Monk […]

Peach Cobbler

I have to admit something: I have never purchased, cut, or baked a peach. I have eaten peach pie and I am pretty sure I’ve had those peaches in syrup that sometimes get served with school lunches. But that is it. End of line. So when I saw peaches were in my weekly Farmhouse Delivery […]

Fast App Friday

I am not going to make Fast App Friday a weekly thing because I have commitment issues, but I DO want to share a fast app or snack when I find one (or in this case make one up in my mind palace). I enjoy a cheese board, but I also do not love making […]

Granola ain’t just for parfaits, y’all.

Okay, before I start I must admit that granola is EXCELLENT for it’s general uses like parfaits. Here are some shots of me using Hunt & Gather Granola on parfaits, yogurt bowls, smoothie bowls, or as cereal: First off- all of these treats were freaking delightful. When I was recently talking with the mastermind behind […]


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