Idris Elba can DJ

So I thought that Idris Elba and I had something in common- that he decided to pursue a passion later in life (in his case, being a DJ). Welp… it turns out he started when he was FOURTEEN. That must be why he is so good at it (for real- check this out).

Well, when I was 14 I was not allowed to use the oven. In fact, while living with my parents as an undergrad, I still had to ASK to use the oven. So most of my food was microwaved (hello, Super Pretzels- miss you). I think that is part of the reason baking seemed so intriguing. It was basically an act of resistance.

Now people look forward to and expect baked goods from me. I bet people expected mix CDs from Idris. And tapes. Now perhaps Spotify lists? Idk how mix CDs work in 2020. I’m old.

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