Petite Zucchini Apple Cakes

Sometimes I want to make a recipe completely from scratch. Other times I like to doctor up a mix that already exists. Bonus points if the Kodiak bear is on the box.

I used Kodiak blueberry muffins and added shredded zucchini and apple. I also replaced the oil/butter with applesauce. I figured it would enhance the apple flavor and save me some calories as well. The result were these fluffy little miracles:

They kept their shape pretty well!

I used a tiny cake pan from NordicWare and ended up making enough where they were 25 calories each! Here’s a few eaten the day of with a nice cup of joe:

Look at those petite treasures!

We do not eat enough baked goods to plow through 70 tiny cakes before they go bad. So I put the remaining cakes in bags for the freezer. This is the parking lot for additional baked goods. I generally thaw a treat or two for part of my late lunch. For funzies, I thought I would include a picture of what was left in the freezer before I made these petite wonders:

Challah, thick-cut homemade bread for french toast, banana chocolate chip muffins, zucchini chocolate chip bread, and three mini zucchini bread treats.

Cheers to 60ish petite cakes joining the freezer friends above. I plan on eventually using a combination of these treats to make a bread pudding. Stay tuned for that once there’s more variety. 🙂

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