Hi, y’all!

I have spent time teaching in several postsecondary institutions across the United States, as well as third grade for nearly a decade. My life has been focused on education, whether empowering people through education or empowering people to lead others as future educators.

A small part of this journey was a detour I took in Indianapolis. I was hired to be a barista at a local cafe, where I learned how to make amazing drinks AND some pastries and savory recipes. I would ask about the pastry chef and owners’ educational experiences in the culinary arts and wonder if I made a misstep in not choosing that path.

Now, nearly a decade later, I know I am meant to be an educator. But there is a part of me who will ALWAYS want to be a pastry chef. And she has a blog. And is talking in first person for some reason. She is me. Ha!

I hope you enjoy this blog. I am excited to share my adventures through home pastry chef life until Covid ends and I can earn a pastry certificate at a local college. Join me- share ideas! Let’s have fun!

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