Artie the Sourdough Starter

Well, we have recently added a member to our family: ARTIE! He is a sourdough starter from King Arthur Baking and even came with a cool little crock! What a crock, indeed.

Artie, like any growing boy, is hungry so I have fed him several times over the past few days. He is NOW finally old enough to chill in the fridge.

Here’s what Artie looked like on feeding #2:

When you “feed” sourdough you use 113g of starter, 1 cup of flour, and 1/2 cup of water. Apparently these are all 113g. This is all very Pepe Silvia.

Artie offered us discard each time I fed him. I did not use the discard from the first two feedings because there’s just two of us. That’s WAY too much recipe pressure and I rationalized this decision by assuming that the later discard would be more sourdoughy. There is no proof to this assumption, it is a gut feeling. This is something parents need to trust. I realize I am taking this child joke too far, but this was a pretty high maintenance start! I felt like a had a Tamagatchi.

I digress… I have made two recipes with the starter:

The first was a batch of sourdough pretzels (link here):

The second was sourdough buttermilk waffles (link here):

I ended up freezing the extra pretzels and waffles. But now I know there are pretzels and waffles ready to be consumed and I cannot wait to go back for more! I will share more discard recipes when Artie shares the wealth.

For now, I am scheming and planning my holiday baked goods…

Thanks for stopping by!


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