2021 is here… I hope it is nicer than 2020 was (total jerk, am I right?).

We are officially THREE days into 2021 and so far so good! I suppose one could assume this is because I haven’t done much or expected anything. I counter that it MIGHT be because of the lucky foods I prepared for myself and my *hubster the past few days.

There are three categories of lucky foods we consumed in hopes of a thrilling (or at least less crappy) new year:

  1. Round Foods- circular foods represent continuity, unity, and the year coming full circle. I went a bit overboard with this one because it was so easy to do. Stay tuned- there are pictures below.
  2. Rice and Noodles- starches symbolize abundance because they swell when they are cooked! We had rice pudding and ramen… on different days because we have health goals. 🙂 Oh- it is also lucky to find an almond in rice pudding over the holidays. So I put an almond in both of our dishes. You cannot be TOO lucky in 2021…
  3. Pork- Germans and Pennsylvania Dutch (shout out to Lancaster County, PA) believe pork brings progress because they are always moving forward. I cannot help but think of the Samuel L. Jackson scene in Pulp Fiction where he describes pigs as “filthy animals.” So I don’t. Team Vincent Vega over here.
    1. Marzipan Pig- not technically pork, but also lucky. So I threw one of those bad boys on top of our rice pudding. As you’ll see below, it looked like a decapitated pig head. Perhaps I was trying to scare 2021 with a “come at me, bro” vibe. Or maybe I knew it was too sweet for us and a whole marzipan pig would be overkill. One will never know (because I am mysterious and will NEVER tell).

*My husband does not like the term “hubster,” but it has become less of an issue in nearly a decade of wedded bliss.

Round Foods

Rice and Noodles


So, if we are billionaires with 8-pack abs at the end of 2021, you might want to watch this video where I made a terrifying marzipan pig head. Because CLEARLY that’s the key to this whole dang thing…

Also, shout out to these melting potatoes:

While this picture didn’t fit the aesthetic of my Instagram account, it is SOOOOOO pretty and the potatoes taste even better than they look. OMG.

Happy 2021!