Farmhouse Delivery

Hello, pals!

I have been receiving Farmhouse Delivery produce and other delicious treats for the past few months. It may sound silly, but one thing I have always wanted was to have some sort of CSA/local produce subscription to support local businesses AND encourage me to eat more veggies (because I would eat cake 24/7 if left alone tbh).

One SUPER quick meal I have made twice is pulled pork sliders. This uses precooked pork that you just reheat- it already arrives seasoned and delish! Farmhouse Delivery also sells little challah rolls, which work well as sliders. I freeze the leftovers for bread pudding french toast (post on that soon).

I also made a delicious salad using parts of this week’s produce box: rasishes, butter lettuce, carrot, and apple. I also purchased an apple dijon dressing, which made this salad an autumnal treat!

Items that were NOT delivered to my door by Farmhouse Delivery: in the salad I added sliced cucumber, dried cranberries, and almond slices. The sandwiches had melted muenster cheese and pickles.

SO delicious. SO easy. And my partner has requested this easy meal as a repeat. Let’s hope Farmhouse keeps these items so I can make it a third time.