Pie Crust Redemption!

When I made my first pie crust from scratch, it tasted GREAT. However, it was not enough dough to make a proper crust. I wanted to make one with the pinched edges and I ended up having to make one with a fork chevron due to time. You can see a video here:

However, this time was different. LOOK AT THIS BEAUT:

I was SO pleased. Proper chuffed, perhaps. This is a buttermilk pie made for one of my favorite people. This is one of her favorite pies, so naturally I am terrified for her to try it. She came to pick it up (I provide near-contactless delivery to my ATX-area friends). However, it is a PIE. I cannot sneak a taste. A sliver missing would be pretty damned obvious.

Luckily, I made a double-batch of dough! So I made three tartlets that I filled with the same custard and some sliced pears. The organic pears and vanilla sugar were both from Farmhouse Delivery. My partner and I split that one, then I sent the other two her way. With some VERY sad looking macarons. But that’s another story for another day…

Here’s a picture of those adorbs tartlets:

I wish I had enough dough for four because I really didn’t want to share mine. Ha! You can watch a short video of the dough process here. In under two minutes that dough is whipped into shape thanks to the time lapse feature on my phone!

Thanks for reading!


Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Hello, friends! I have one more pumpkin recipe up my sleeve before everything turns to gingerbread and peppermint. When I made my pumpkin pie there was leftover evaporated milk and condensed sweetened milk:

After I realized this needed to be used up, I decided to thaw some leftover brioche buns and coffee cake. You can see those bad boys after they toasted into little croutons of amazingness:

There are no measurements to this recipe. It was just using the leftover milk and frozen breads to make a custard and eventual bread pudding. I mixed the container of leftover milks with half a can of pumpkin, about a tsp of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a pinch of ginger, salt, and cloves. I let this cook down, then cooled it for a bit.

Next, I whisked in two room temp eggs and two yolks. This was poured over the bread/cake nuggets and soaked overnight. Champion was really excited about baking this up:

I baked it at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, then cooled it enough to place on a cooling rack (I sliced it into four squares and put those on the cooling rack). Then, I turned this into french toast! Here’s the final product:

Want more deets?? You can check out a video of how this went down on YouTube or Instagram.

This is the first time I have used music and fancy graphics. I am feeling pretty cool about it, though the upload time when you add graphics and movies is maddening. Even so, I am creating “a brand” of sorts. Ha! Or to sum this up nicely:

Thanks for reading!


Thanksgiving in 2020 (making the best of a dumpster fire)

We knew MONTHS ago that we would not be able to travel home for the holidays. It was scary enough to travel from Montana to Texas when we relocated back to Austin this summer. Even so, it was odd to spend Thanksgiving alone (knowing Christmas and New Years will be the same). We decided to not do a traditional Thanksgiving feast, but we are both suckers for a pumpkin pie, so I made one of those from scratch!

I thought it would be fun to walk you through our meals yesterday. Warning- meal 2 was pie. 🙂

Meal 1: Charcuterie

I made a cute little menu so my partner Jon could pick out exactly what he wanted for his plate. I tried to use items we have around for other purposes (fruits, veggies, cheeses, meats) but also purchased little baguette crisps from HEB cause I wanted a cracker option and we generally do not eat crackers.

Meal 2: Pumpkin Pie!

I made Joanne Chang’s pumpkin pie. She has a REALLY great pie crust recipe. Here’s a link to her books and my YouTube video rolling out the dough.

The final product was DELIGHTFUL! I cut out the uggo slice that has to be sacrificed when taking pictures. That is not available because I ate pieces of it and the bottom of the crust did not come out because I stupidly thought a butter knife could cut the pie. Yup.

As you can see, the pies were topped differently. The top pic was my partner Jon’s. He is team Reddi Whip. The second pic is mine (yes, I coordinated my coffee cup for this picture) with fresh whipped cream. I had leftover heavy cream from the pie, so I figured it would be a fun addition. It was. And I forced a spoon of “the real stuff” on Jon’s plate after the pictures were taken. He is still team Reddi Whip. You have to admire his conviction.

Meal 3: Jonny want Wingies

The final meal of the day, followed by a brisk walk to avoid a food coma, was oven baked buffalo wings and veggies. I used this recipe, which is a staple over here. It is what we eat each Super Bowl and generally what Jon asks for as his birthday meal. We also had Topo Chicos, which are the BEST sparkling waters on the planet. We bought a pack from Costco and treat them like fine champagne, only using them for special occasions.

As you can tell, the chopped veggies from meal one made a comeback! I use Whattaburger buffalo sauce because I will eat anything they make, TBH. Especially their spicy ketchup, which might be made of angel wings and unicorn sneezes.

Thanks for reading! I am making a bread pudding with leftover items from the pie. Stay tuned for that “baller on a budget” adventure.


Why the heck not?

We all know I am clearly doing this for the five people who read the blog (note sarcasm here). Ha! Truth is, I really enjoy having a place to try new things, maybe fail at them, and not worry about the outcome. I am a VERY hard worker and spend a lot of time focused on my career as a professor. Makes sense- this is what I spent a lot of time and energy building toward.

However, baking is different. It is not how I earn a living. I am not assessed on how it goes (though if my partner says “repeat!” after trying something new I do feel pretty chuffed*).

When I began PhD and Patisserie it was because I wanted to put myself out there and share my own experiences as a new baker. Though, truth be told, I also wanted a record of this for myself. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that joy and following our journeys should be prioritized. We do not know how long we will be around to share them. So I want to sprinkle flour over everything like Rip Taylor (or a Harlem Globetrotter) holding a bucket of confetti!

Clearly, what I have to share is a middle aged woman who is learning how to bake later in life. For now, this is done at home. Eventually, it will be in pastry classes at ACC. I decided to add videos to Instagram. Specifically, I wanted to make longer ones for funzies where I attempt new recipes or skills. After making one, I realized some of my friends and family aren’t on “the gram.” Therefore, I also added them to my YouTube channel. Cause I have one now (cue the random “click and subscribe” stuff).

The videos posted today were about rolling out pie dough for my first completely from scratch pumpkin pie. Here’s a look of the crust before chilling in the fridge and waiting to be filled tomorrow:

*I stole chuffed from Great British Bake Off and I REFUSE to apologize for it. Next time I might say “proper chuffed.”