Summer Fruit Chutneys

Hello, friends!

While I enjoy summer fruits and a good chutney, I have never actually MADE a chutney. That changed last week when I made the most amazing chutneys using recipes I found online (and modding them slightly to incorporate NuNaturals products and save me some calories.

White Peach Chutney

I modified this recipe by using NuNaturals 1:1 sugar and added some chai syrup.

I happened to make a delicious zucchini bread using Bon Appetite’s recipe in their newest magazine. It had cardamom and turmeric, so I thought this chutney would be an excellent accompaniment.

I opted to pan-fry a slice of zucchini bread, then smear some plain whipped cream cheese on top. Finally, I added the peach chutney to the top. It was delightful. I do think the onion overpowered the peach here, which was fine in the finished product because I was serving it on a sweet bread. Next time I make this, I may add more 1:1 stevia blend and reduce the amount of red onion. This was my favorite combo and I think those edits would make it next level.

Strawberry Mint Chutney

I used this recipe and added some vanilla ginger syrup to it. This was a tart chutney and not overly sweet. I toasted a crostini then smeared some blueberry-vanilla goat cheese on top. I then added the strawberry chutney on top. After taste testing this, Jon and I decided I should drizzle honey on this next time so there’s more of a balance to the mix.

Taste Test Results

Because I’m extra, I had to make cute plates for the taste test. Since there were three items, I split them in half. Here is the overall feedback on these treats:

White Peach Chutney: I needed to lessen the onion amount and add a bit more sugar. Even so, the contrast of the chutney with the sweet bread and the tang of the whipped cream cheese was my favorite combo.

Strawberry Mint Chutney: Even though I split the onion in half for the two chutneys, the onion was hiding in this mix. It was no match for balsamic and strawberries. I also included some of the greener tops of the strawberry since it was going to be savory anyways.

Fast App Friday: You can read about this amazinness here. Jon said he’d like to try the honey from this option on the Strawberry Mint Crostini. This and the Strawberry Mint were a tie for me. I loved the textures in this option, but man is a toasted crostini amazing. 🙂

Epilogue: We ended up eating the rest of the strawberry chutney the next day for a snack, as seen below. The oniony white peach chutney was even stronger on day two so I did not use it for these crostinis. I am thinking of a way to use this and will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!


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