Nutritional Yeast… more like delish cheesy sprinkles!

I received a GARGANTUAN bag of Nutritional Yeast from NuNaturals and keep finding new recipes to try out. This bag has 76 servings and I am still holding on to about 60 of those. Mama has some recipes to make! That was weird. Sorry, readers. I don’t normally refer to myself as “mama.”

In any case… I wanted to share a trifecta of recipes with nutritional yeast that you could have as breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Let’s get cookin!

Breakfast: Cheesy Frittata (hold the cheese)

I used this recipe as inspiration. I subbed olive oil for the coconut oil and used some caramelized onions as well (since I was making those for the dinner recipe). I LOVE a frittata because they heat up so well as leftovers. I also enjoyed how this imparted a cheesy flavor without the drama that comes with cheese (it makes my allergies cray fillet).

Pro Tip: The original recipe author kindly suggested I top this with fresh tomato and avocado. I did not have those things, but it would be an awesome juxtaposition of texture and temperature. Do it up if you can!

Lunch: Corn Chowder

This recipe came in clutch because I had a dentist appointment and for the rest of that day chewing wasn’t very fun for me. I ate this chowder for dinner, but heated up the leftovers for lunch yesterday. Delightful! It is also the first time I cut fresh corn off a cob, which made me feel like a badass.

You can blend this soup (which is what I did because my teeth were being TOTAL divas). You add the nutritional yeast at that point and MAN did it add a nice flavor. The corn was sweet, so this really helped round out the flavor of the soup.

Pro Tip: I kept some fresh corn for garnish. I would suggest you do the same. 🙂

Dinner: Fully-Loaded Cauliflower Gnocchi

I made this as a side for our dinner. We had chicken with garlic paste, a lil bebe kale salad, and this gnocchi as a side. Now this recipe is ALL ME, so let’s discuss how I made it.

First, Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi is life. BUT- as many already know- the way they tell you to cook it? Not so great. So here’s the trick:

  1. Microwave the frozen gnocchi on a plate for 3 minutes.
  2. Add said gnocchi to a hot pan with oil.
  3. Fry the gnocchi in the pan until it is golden brown.
  4. Top with sauce, toss in pesto, etc.

In this case- I let it dance in the pan with some caramelized onions and chopped bacon. Next I added the nutritional yeast to the oil (see step 2) so the cheesy flavor would be evenly distributed. Finally, I topped it with some sea salt and freshly chopped green onion. It is a fully loaded baked potato type situation, y’all.

You can use any veggies that would go well with the Nutritional yeast. I used the leftover bacon and caramelized onions from breakfast and some frozen peas. Here are the ingredients (minus the bacon because I took the picture this morning whilst the bacon was sizzling in the oven):

Pro Tip: make sure you are on or near a fainting couch when you try this bad boy out.

While all three of these recipes were so darn delightful, this gnocchi was the winner. My husband pointed at it while eating several times, then wanted to know how I came up with the recipe. I felt like I was on chopped and the judges were pleased. Ha!

Thanks for getting faux-cheesy with me!


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