Burger Time!

I need to keep things 100 with y’all- these tiny cupcake burgers are freakin delicious.

I made these little dudes to take to the hair salon with me tomorrow. After taking the pictures, Jon walked in and asked about these “burger muffins.” He thought they were muffins because the tops of the cupcakes are nude. Scandalous, I know. Baking pro tip: this means you need to use a toothpick instead of a fork to check if they are ready because the top is exposed. Just a heads up.

Now that I think about this… the assembly of these cupcakes is an interesting one. I have a few tips to make this more streamlined:

  • Use a scoop for the chocolate frosting. Otherwise, spreading it on a cut cupcake just moves a bunch of crumbs around. Dollop some frosting on top, then squish with the tomato (strawberry slice) and bun.
  • Use one or two strawberry slices per cupcake. These should go on top of the frosting to help with the squish.
  • I have seen recipes where the burger patty is a brownie. I like this idea- brownies are amazing- but I feel like a cupcake needs frosting. You do you, boo.
  • I used a simple syrup of honey and hot water to brush on the tops of these so the sesame seeds would stick. These are not placed on the muffins cupcakes pre-baking. Now Jon has ME calling these muffins. They are cupcakes. But also burgers. Not muffins, though.
  • This version of a cupcake is messy to eat. HOWEVER, you get an even amount of frosting in each bite. Don’t pull a George Costanza and eat this with a knife and fork. Ovary up and eat it with your hands, people. 🙂
  • Technically there are strawberries and lettuce (made from green icing), so it is a fruit and vegetable serving.

That last statement was not entirely true. But it reminds me of the time I tried to convince a leader at Weight Watchers in the early 2000s that a banana split should count as a dairy AND fruit serving. I said what I said. There’s a whole banana. Come on, now. A rose by any other name?

Back to burger time: Here is my IKEA assembly picture set up (this time I did circles and highlighted the importance of Mise en Place- aka having everything in place before assembly):

That’s it. Easy peasy. One might say easier than trying to explain to a Weight Watchers leader that A BANANA IS STILL A FRUIT, EVEN IF THERE’S ICE CREAM AND HOT FUDGE ON TOP. Listen to reason, woman.

Until next time,

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