Bake Sale!

I saw that the Bakers for Change Organization was promoting chances for bakers selling goods for funds to support the Asian community after the horrific events in Atlanta. I wanted to do something, but I wanted it to be a super small scale because I am not a baker in a commercial kitchen. Instead of joining their amazing cause, I did a tiny one on my own which was available to my friends and family. Here’s the flyer I made:

I was able to send some snickerdoodles and brownies to friends and family. I also had a few people who donated to the cause without baked goods! Also, my mentor/pal Eric (long time listener, first time caller) donated to help offset the postage/supplies. So cool!!

Check out these happy little treats:

I mailed these dudes out this morning and am so happy that we collectively raised $200 for the Asian Mental Health Collective. Thanks to all who participated! If you didn’t and you’d like to, click that hyperlink to donate.

P/S- I asked Jon (aka my photographer when I need to be in the shot) to take a picture of me holding the brownies for the picture at the top. Looks great, right? Well the full length photo has me doing cosplay from PeeWee’s Big Adventure.

Have a great weekend! If you need me, I’ll be emotionally eating… I mean TESTING these cookies after that whole Francis realization… Emotional eater? “I know you are but what am I?”

Thanks again to all who donated!!!!!!


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