Collagen Parfait

I am a HUGE fan of NuNaturals. My cafe (which is actually an expresso machine I use in my home) exclusively flavors lattes with NuNaturals syrups. My favorite is their Chocolate Mint syrup, but there are several delish flavors to choose from!

I was sent a box of products to try from NuNaturals, which include some syrup flavors I want to put in spring recipes (perhaps a chai carrot cake?). They also sent some powdered MCT Oil and Collagen. I decided the first recipe I would make would be using the Collagen, since I was looking for a quick protein-heavy treat and their collagen literally landed on my doorstep!

Here’s the recipe card (I make the recipes in this format so I can share them on my Instagram Stories and save them as highlights so I can easily access them ASAP):

I also made an Instagram Reel I made for this! Check it out.

I made these in the evening and my husband was playing video games in another room. When he finished this little buddy was waiting for him! He prefers a high-protein snack in the evenings, so he was PUMPED when this had protein from the Greek yogurt AND collagen. Each tbsp of collagen has 6 grams of protein and mixing it in didn’t change the consistency or flavoring. 🙂

He was also surprised at the bite the vanilla ginger syrup had! I used one packet for this entire recipe, so it was just a little flavor boost on the top. We were on a one way trip to Flavorpalooza.

I am going to share a new recipe or tweak to someone else’s recipe each week. Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!


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