Crafternoon- Valentine’s Day (well, month) Edition

Hey, friends!

I wanted to share a quick craft I did to get our home lookin fly for February. We have a basic wreath on the front door that is made of twisted brown vines. I change the look of it by simply adding poms. The past two versions, fall and winter, both had poms individually tied to the wreath. This was not ideal because there was occasional separation and it did not look uniform. Also, it was a pain to take off the wreath when changing designs because each pom was tied on individually.

I decided that future designs would be affixed to cardboard (from one of the many-a-boxes we get- thanks, Covid). The first one? A beautiful heart. And I actually used the ENTIRE skein of yarn you see below. For those of you who don’t want to squint, that is over FOUR HUNDRED YARDS of yarn turned into adorbs poms.

First, I began by cutting a heart out of cardboard, then folded it in half to cut lines. If I am being fully transparent, I was not sure what I was doing. Initially I thought I would alternate every other line, but the poms ended up working well on each line, so I just kept making poms and tying them onto the heart. I was mirroring the poms along the way because the yarn is gradient and I wanted to make sure there was a sort of flow to the color changes.

Once I trimmed the heart, it was time to attach it to the wreath. This was done with zip-ties, which are basically noncommittal duct tape. I showed how I placed them on the top right. The bottom right pic is my finished product with my supervisor Champion.

It was finally ready to be hung on our front door! I realize the juxtaposition of the message on the sign with the heart, but we have had some really uncomfortable “not interested” conversations with strangers on our porch. 🙂

I do have one more Valentine’s Day craft up my sleeve. It involves a heart shaped box of Chocolates (seen below) which was transformed with washi tape, sharpie paint pens, and a sticker. 🙂 Wait until you see what I bake/make for inside this adorbs vessel!!!!

Happy excuse to eat sugar and wear pink month (I know that there are two days left in January, but I have been eating pink heart shaped treats for weeks, sooooo….),

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