Why the heck not?

We all know I am clearly doing this for the five people who read the blog (note sarcasm here). Ha! Truth is, I really enjoy having a place to try new things, maybe fail at them, and not worry about the outcome. I am a VERY hard worker and spend a lot of time focused on my career as a professor. Makes sense- this is what I spent a lot of time and energy building toward.

However, baking is different. It is not how I earn a living. I am not assessed on how it goes (though if my partner says “repeat!” after trying something new I do feel pretty chuffed*).

When I began PhD and Patisserie it was because I wanted to put myself out there and share my own experiences as a new baker. Though, truth be told, I also wanted a record of this for myself. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that joy and following our journeys should be prioritized. We do not know how long we will be around to share them. So I want to sprinkle flour over everything like Rip Taylor (or a Harlem Globetrotter) holding a bucket of confetti!

Clearly, what I have to share is a middle aged woman who is learning how to bake later in life. For now, this is done at home. Eventually, it will be in pastry classes at ACC. I decided to add videos to Instagram. Specifically, I wanted to make longer ones for funzies where I attempt new recipes or skills. After making one, I realized some of my friends and family aren’t on “the gram.” Therefore, I also added them to my YouTube channel. Cause I have one now (cue the random “click and subscribe” stuff).

The videos posted today were about rolling out pie dough for my first completely from scratch pumpkin pie. Here’s a look of the crust before chilling in the fridge and waiting to be filled tomorrow:

*I stole chuffed from Great British Bake Off and I REFUSE to apologize for it. Next time I might say “proper chuffed.”

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