Coffee Cake

I have some big news: coffee cake does NOT have coffee in it. But damn if it doesn’t taste delish with a cup of joe! Weird thing: The cinnamon swirl in coffee cake IS NOT LIQUID! I assumed it was a butter/sugar/cinnamon syrup blend. Nope. Check the pic below: sugar and cinnamon. No liquid. Whoa.

I have been doing mise en place for a while. This simply means having your ingredients out and measured (if possible) before you begin. It helps me make sure I do not miss an ingredient along the way. Mise en place really helps with baking recipes because it is super sciency! The measurement matters, y’all.

I also like to break eggs in a separate little bowl before adding them to the mixer. I’ve never had a “bad egg,” which is why most chefs do this. I do because I don’t want little eggshell bits sneaking in there. Not the texture I am looking for. You can see most of this below. I also have containers for all of my flours and sugars. Each has a measuring cup inside, so it is really easy to use.

Check out the streusel crumble below:

Below is the brunch where we were SUPPOSED to eat the coffee cake. My partner and I were SO full from the hash and eggs that we both ate the coffee cake later in the afternoon. Good thing I put it in these adorbs ramekins.

Thanks for reading!


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