Mail Call!

I miss baking for people SO much! I used to bake for friends, family, students, and co-workers on a regular basis. Covid really messed that up for me.

A former student tagged me in a post with cat shaped marble cookies and joked I should send them her way. So I did. I used the Make it Sweet cut out cookie dough and chocolate cookie dough. I did half a batch of chocolate and a whole back of sugar dough. Then I split the sugar dough in half, leaving half plain and the other half yellow/orange. These are how they came out:

Kitty Cookies. One with a glitter unicorn horn?!

Then I bagged them up to send to the girls, along with some extras to send to our family. I also included magnets with the ones to our parents because parents LOVE a photo magnet.

The stickers… I’m obsessed with my logo. Deal with it. 🙂

I also used the opportunity to make our kitchen coffee bar a LEGIT cat cafe, making us cat lattes and coordinating cat cookies (what chef doesn’t taste her baked goods before shipping them off?!

I also made a few Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles because why not?

The snickerdoodle recipe was strange because there was no liquid. Just butter and egg and vanilla. So it was SUPER crumbly. The texture made it seem like these would be an epic fail.

They were not.

SO. Delish.

Cheers to delicious snail mail!

Nom Nom Nom

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