Kale Pesto!

While I am almost always sharing sweet dishes, I wanted to share an easy recipe I scored from Bon Appetite.

We started getting produce from Farmhouse Delivery, and the past two weeks have included kale. I generally do a salad with a homemade lemon vinaigrette. But I wanted to switch it up and googled recipes to use kale in new ways.

This was simply pistachios and garlic in the food processor, then I blanched kale in boiling water until it was bright green (see below).

The kale was SO pretty when I blanched it.

I added the kale to the processor and added some EVOO. I used most of it for my Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocci (I also tossed in some leftover cubed chicken breast because my swolemate likes to get his protein in).

I could eat Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocci EVERY DANG DAY.

The remainder of the kale pesto will be used with some two ingredient dough. I plan to bake it using this basic idea, but with the two ingredient dough and my leftover pesto. Wish me luck!


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